IN THE COURTROOM, THE BEST LEGAL STORY WINS Win with Legal Storytellers Over $500,000,000 in verdicts and settlements


Legal Storytellers use the latest in decision making research and brain science combined with the art of storytelling to make your case presentation virtually unbeatable. Join us in the San Francisco Bay Area for five days and together we will focus like a laser on your important case and craft a powerful voir dire and an emotionally persuasive opening statement using our system.  Then you, the trial lawyer, will get up on your feet and test your case specific voir dire and opening statement in front of a focus group.   We will debrief the group and conduct a “what did we learn session.” We will then develop an action plan going forward to make your case presentation even more powerful and persuasive than anything you have ever delivered before.  You will also leave with a cross examination of the defense’s most important witness, our closing argument template and an essential elements discovery plan.  Plus, we will plan your visual storytelling strategy.

Yes, that sounds like a lot. We will, however, accomplish all this in our short time together thanks to our system for quickly and effectively putting your case together.  We know it works, we have done many times.  (Check out our results page and our lawyer testimonial page.)


If you get an eight-figure verdict once, maybe you got lucky. If two times you get a huge verdict, maybe it was a fluke.  But something special is happening if you get large and record breaking verdict time and time again.  That something special is the Legal Storytelling System. Additionally, we have had numerous verdicts in the top 100 verdicts in the country. Also, several lawyers who have worked with us have won prestigious trial lawyer of the year awards. In short, we know what we are doing.  We often hear trial lawyers say “the Legal Storytelling System has made me a better lawyer.”

Below are just some of the verdicts and settlements we have obtained in the last dozen or so years:

$31,600,000 – jury verdict (One of the largest verdicts in Kern County history for a single plaintiff)

$30,000,000 –  jury verdict (Largest in California State history for a single sexual abuse victim).

$23,000,000 – jury verdict (Largest verdict in history against Los Angeles Unified School District)

$21,000,000 –  settlement

$20,000,000 – settlement (Largest Medical Malpractice settlement in California State history)

$18,500,000 – settlement

$17,500,000 – settlement

$15,000,000 – settlement after opening statement

$12,600,000 – jury verdict (Largest verdict in Utah State history for a sexual abuse victim)

$12,600,000 – settlement

$12,000,000 – verdict

$10,800,000 – jury verdict

$9,000,000 – settlement after opening statement

$8,800,000 – settlement after opening statement

$8,800,000 – settlement after opening statement

$8,875,000 – settlement after opening statement

$8,000,000 –  jury verdict

$7,600,000 – settlement during trial

$6,500,000 –  jury verdict

$3,750,000 –   jury verdict

$5,800,000 – jury verdict


OVER $500 million (over-half-a billion dollars) in verdicts and settlements and have conducted over 800 focus groups.



Finlay Boag has helped attorneys recover over $500 million in settlement in verdicts. Finlay and his associates will provide you with the tools to do a truly excellent job for your client.

Finlay is the son of Scottish immigrants and was the first in his family to attend high school.  Finlay finished first in his law school class and loves the practice of law and can’t imagine doing anything else.  He started his legal career trying cases as a deputy district attorney but soon realized he wanted to help people, not put them in jail.  After leaving the DA’s office he opened the law office of Finlay Boag representing injured plaintiffs.  Along with co-counsel he tried numerous cases and was a part of several significant and record breaking verdicts and settlements. More recently, he has worked as a trial consultant with a select group of nationally known trial attorneys.  Finlay has been an integral member of trial teams that have obtained many stunning verdicts and settlements thorough out the Western United States representing childhood victims of sexual abuse, cheated and injured people, victims of car collisions, and medical malpractice.  Finlay graduated from and currently serves as a staff member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer College in Wyoming.  In the last dozen years Finlay’s trial teams have received well over $500,000,000 million dollars (one-half-of-a-billion) in verdicts and settlements.  Finlay has developed the Legal Storytelling System which is a step-by-step process to craft powerful and persuasive case presentations.  Finlay now wants to bring the case winning Legal Storytelling System to all plaintiffs’ attorneys and their deserving clients.

Finlay is married and has two children in college and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in Pleasanton California.




Finlay is a 2004 graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College (TLC) and was ask to join the TLC Staff in 2010. Finlay currently serves on staff and thoroughly enjoys working as a staff member training lawyers from all over the country who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the cheated. We strongly recommend every ”people’s lawyer” attend the TLC.  It is truly a life changing experience.


The primary purpose of storytelling is to engage the emotions and to entertain the potential audience  to stimulate ticket sales to movies, plays, or to purchase books.  Legal Storytelling also engages the emotions and entertains your jurors, but it has an additional purpose -to assign blame to the wrongdoer and to fully compensate the injured person for the harm they suffered.  The Legal Storytelling System uses the art and science of storytelling and decision making research to accomplish these objectives.  We take your complex facts and turn them into a simple story.


“If the first time you talk to a group of strangers about your case is the trial you have already committed malpractice."

Winning lawyers know they don’t fully understand how regular people will view their case presentation. That is why the successful trial lawyers we have worked over the years have one thing in common, the extensive use of focus groups.  We at Legal Storytellers call the focus group “The Laboratory” because it is one big experiment from which we learn what is persuasive and what is not. In the hands of a qualified moderator the focus groups give us insight in to how jurors will view our case, how to make our case presentation stronger, and they force the trial attorney to talk to a group of strangers about his or her case.

We at Legal Storytellers have moderated somewhere between 800 and 1,000 focus groups during the last 20 years.




Fighters wanted!

The Legal Storytellers' philosophy is that you should try your good cases yourself!  You don’t need to refer-out your cases.  No other lawyer is going to care as much or work as hard as you will to obtain full justice for your client. We can show you how to win. One of the side-effects of winning big at trial is the settlement value and offers on your other cases goes way up.


In the strongest terms possible, we suggest you come to Legal Storytellers as early as possible in the life cycle of your case. Well before the first deposition is the ideal time. We understand your case presentation will grow and change during discovery, but imagine going to your first deposition having already prepared and tested in front of focus groups your voir dire, opening statement, and cross examination of the defense’s most important witness.  How much of an advantage would that be?

We can help when trial is near, but we are more effective the sooner we get started.

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist, said “The victorious warrior goes to the first battle already having won the war, while the defeated warrior goes to the first battle and then tries to figure out how to win the war.”  The defeated warrior is like a boxer that goes into the ring closes his eyes and swings wildly hoping to hit something.  Use he Legal Storytelling System and you will be a well-trained and disciplined boxer going into the ring against his opponent with your eyes wide-open and a target on the opposing lawyer’s head.

Be the victorious warrior - use the Legal Storytelling System! Or not, the choice is yours.


We will be working in Pleasanton California.  It is located in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area.  About 35 miles from San Francisco. Pleasanton is a nice safe town with comfortable accommodations that are within walking distance to the Legal Storytellers facility. There are excellent and diverse restaurants, shopping, hiking, gym facilities, wineries and many other activities.


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IN THE COURTROOM, THE BEST LEGAL STORY WINS Win with Legal Storytellers Over $500,000,000 in verdicts and settlements
IN THE COURTROOM, THE BEST LEGAL STORY WINS Win with Legal Storytellers Over $500,000,000 in verdicts and settlements
IN THE COURTROOM, THE BEST LEGAL STORY WINS Win with Legal Storytellers Over $500,000,000 in verdicts and settlements