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In the Courtroom, the best story wins

Helping Plaintiff's attorney's excel at trial

ABOUT Legal Storytellers

We have helped attorneys recover over a half a billion dollars in settlement in verdicts. We provide you with the tools to do the best job you can for your client. Below is information about our team members. Be sure to check out our Services page to find out more specific information about how we can help you.


meet the team


Finlay is the son of Scottish immigrants and was the first in his family to attend high school.  Finlay finished first in his law school class and loves the practice of law and can’t imagine doing anything else.  He started his legal career trying cases as a deputy district attorney but soon realized he wanted to help people, not put them in jail.  After leaving the DA’s office he opened the law office of Finlay Boag representing injured plaintiffs.  Along with co-counsel he tried numerous cases and was a part of several significant and record breaking verdicts and settlements. More recently, he has worked as a trial consultant with a select group of nationally known trial attorneys.  Finlay has been an integral member of trial teams that have obtained many stunning verdicts and settlements thorough-out the Western United States representing childhood victims of sexual abuse, cheated and injured people, victims of car collisions, and medical malpractice.  Finlay graduated from and currently serves as a staff member at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer College in Wyoming.  In the last dozen years Finlay’s trial teams have received well over $500,000,000 million dollars (one-half-of-a-billion) in verdicts and settlements. 

Finlay Boag

  • Instructor at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College

  • Consultant on hundreds of cases leading to record verdicts across the country


Focus Groups

Test your case themes in front of a live mock jury

Closing Argument

Draft a persuasive closing argument

Finding the Story

Develop and frame a case theme

Opening Statement

Draft a compelling opening around your case theme

Trial Graphic

Prepare persuasive graphics for use at trial and mediation